This says it all. We love stage lighting and the story telling that can be created with light. All kinds of light.
There is an established tradition in theatrical lighting with tungsten and discharge fixtures. There are moods, atmospheres and light textures which can only be created and expressed with tungsten sources. The energy savings argument on its own does not justify, at all, the move from traditional to modern sources.
Lighting is an art. Robert Juliat understands how vital tungsten light is to creativity and how invaluable this tool is for lighting designers and theatres across Europe and all over the world.
We have been producing luminaires with conventional sources for almost a hundred years, but are also engaged in developing innovative LED fixtures. Those luminaires are certainly the newest addition to the lighting designers’s toolbox and it is clear they bring new advantages to entertainment technology (choice of colour temperature, dimming capability without colour shift, efficiency, extended lifetime of the source, low heat emission...).
Nevertheless, we see LED lighting as an alternative to tungsten halogen, not a substitution. The snail- paced evolution since the creation of the first arc lamp has been accelerating for the past 15 years. We still need time to provide high-tech tools which function in the way lighting designers need. Tungsten is unique, subtle, incandescent, brilliant, emotional, and not yet rivalled in many respects.
In addition, the impact of a ban would be an absolute disaster for many venues which cannot afford to purchase all new equipment in one time. Reaching an acceptable quality of light necessitates a step up to another price level. When it comes to renewing an existing installation, the conversion from traditional tungsten and discharge to LED sources calls for a very heavy investment beyond the budget of many venues.
It is hard to tell where lighting technology will go in the future, but one thing is clear for Robert Juliat: even though we are developing new LED solutions, we will go on producing and offering tungsten luminaires with the finest quality to the stage lighting community as long as possible.

François Juliat
Robert Juliat Managing Director

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